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Services & Prices Offered By Ann's Pet Services - Woof!




Charges for bookings made from January 2017



Dog Boarding*


1 dog                                           £25.00 per night

2 dogs                                        £35.00 per night

3 dogs                                        £50.00 per night


Doggy Day Care*
1 dog                                           £15.00 per day 
2 dogs                                        £25.00 per day 
3 dogs                                        £35.00 per day 
Pet Visiting (cats/small animals/birds/reptiles) 

Up to 2 pets                               £10 .00 per visit (plus petrol if over 5 miles)

3 to 5 pets                                   £12 .00 per visit (plus petrol if over 5 miles)

6 or more pets                           £15 .00 per visit (plus petrol if over 5 miles)



I charge double for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day for all services.
I do not visit dogs who are left at home when the owners are away. This is not acceptable for dogs, as they need human company.

*      I cannot board or do day care for uncastrated males, nor dominant males or females, nor bulldogs or boxers.


       I do not take puppies who have not been house-trained.
       I do not take bitches on heat